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Addressable IR Router

Available Colours  
  • 1-in/16-out IR switcher
  • Directs IR to any of 16 outputs
  • Can be daisy-chained w/ more RT1610
  • LEDs can show controlled devices
  • Requires:
  • - 782ERGPS power supply
  • - RC68X Programmer
  • Universal mounting fits 19" racks
  • RRP: $949.00

The RT1610 is a ONE-IN/SIXTEEN-OUT IR switcher which directs an infrared control signal to any one of 16 output ports, any combination of ports, or all 16 as a group. You can control large groups of TV monitors (or any other A/V product) from control locations using Xantech IR Receivers or Smart Pads. Up to 16 devices may be addressed with one RT1610. Additional RT1610's can be connected for control of larger numbers of devices, such as TV monitors in a sports bar, by using different IR code groups on each unit. The "I" and "G" output ports can drive LED indicators placed at each controlled device location so that you can see which devices are being addressed at any given time.


  • RT1610 requires a 782ERGPS power supply
  • Requires RC68X Programmer
  • Universal mounting fits 19" racks - RT1610 only
  • A four-terminal plug-in connector, "IR RCVR INPUT", permits connection of IR Receivers, Keypads,Controllers, etc



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