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Remote Relay Module

Available Colours  
  • Provides "dry contact" closures
  • Suits lifts, screen drops, drapes
  • One double pole, double throw relay
  • 5 Amp / 30V DC rated
  • Four contacts available
  • IR input terminals / code select
  • Requires 781EGPS PSU
  • Requires RC68X programmer
  • RRP: $439.00

Xantech CC12 Remote Relay Module


  • Provides "dry contact" closures for plasma lifts, screen drops, drapes etc.
  • One double pole, double throw relay, 5 amp/30VDC rated
  • Four contacts available: two normally open, two normally closed
  • IR input terminals
  • IR code select switch
  • Requires 781EGPS power supply and RC68X programmer (Sold Separately)