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85KE ensemble kit

Complete IR Receiver Kit

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  • Complete Ensemble IR Receiver Kit
  • Ensemble includes:
  • - 1x Mini IR sensor, tabletop adapt
  • - 1x TV mount + flushmount adaptor
  • - 1x BOT-1.0 IR terminal block
  • - 1x PTP-1 jumper cable
  • - 1x IR parallel block
  • - 1x 789-44, 1x 781ERGPS, 4x 283D
  • RRP: $495.00

Ensemble (All-in-One) Universal IR Receiver Kit.

The EN85KE Ensemble is a convertible IR Receiver Kit that can be adapted to almost any surface mount, flush mount or shelf mount application. It includes all of the parts necessary for installing a single-room IR Repeater System for controlling a TV, Audio/Video Receiver, Blu-ray player, Cable Box or just about any IR controlled A/V home entertainment device.

The kit includes an IR Receiver that can be attached to the front of a TV, or extended from behind with the TV Mount Adapter on flat panel TVs that have a minimal frame around the display area. The receiver can also be adapted to low-profile shelf-top placement with the Tabletop Adapter or inconspicuously mounted in a cabinet door with the Flush Mount Adapter for controlling IR components hidden in an equipment cabinet.

Kit includes:

  • 1 x Mini IR sensor
  • 1 x Tabletop adaptor
  • 1 x TV mount adaptor
  • 1 x Flush mount adaptor
  • 1 x BOT-1.0 IR terminal block
  • 1 x PTP-1 jumper cable
  • 1 x IR parallel block
  • 1 x 789-44 four-port connecting block
  • 1 x 781ERGPS power supply
  • 4 x 283D Designer blinking emitters



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