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Connecting Block Kit

Available Colours  
  • Distribute IR from one IR sensor
  • Feed up to 4 IR devices
  • RRP: $159.00

The 78944PSRP IR connecting block is designed to distribute IR from one IR sensor to four IR devices.


  • Connects four emitter ports and power supply to all Xantech infrared receivers and keypads
  • Four parallel emitter ports with 470-Ohm resistors drive four single or four dual emitters
  • Quick-connect stereo mini jack for IR Receivers that use a stereo mini plug
  • STATUS terminal for connection of IR Receivers and Keypads that have status LED's
  • 2.1 mm coaxial power jack
  • Requires either the 781ERGPS or 782ERGPS power supply
  • Dimensions: 77mm x 45mm x 21mm
  • Power LED



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