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HRS-IWA Amplifier

Subwoofer Amplifier

Available Colours  
  • Subwoofer Amplifier
  • 500W output RMS / 4 ohms
  • Designed for HRS-IW8 in-wall sub
  • DSP system equalization/crossover
  • Inputs: 2x XLR, 2x RCA, Spkr level
  • Analog power supply, toroidal trans
  • 12V trigger, remote IR sensor jack
  • Adjustable auto-sense timeout
  • RRP: $2,399.00

The 520 Watt, Class D HRSIW8AMP amplifier is specifically designed to supply speaker-level power to the Sunfire HRSIW8 in-wall subwoofer, to produce stunning low frequency effects for your home theater.

A 520 Watt Vibration-Free Performance Statement Designed Exclusively for In-Wall Applications

What allows the Sunfire In-Wall 8 to rock your world without rocking your drywall and your family’s nerves along with it? It's an exclusive Sunfire technology called StillBass®. Originally designed for the unbridled power of the SubRosa, StillBass allows Sunfire to pack more power and performance into our In-Wall subwoofers than any of those so-called ‘competitive’ products. Now, since the bass is what makes the biggest difference in your music, movies and games— the In-Wall 8 System is a force you’ll delight reckoning with. Designed for easy retrofit mounting and the paintable, removable grill attaches flush with magnets.

The HRS-IW8 Amp boasts 520 Watts RMS of power, can drive two of the HRS-IW8 Cabinets and includes the science of Sunfire's Frequency Filtration Design (FFD) for detailed fidelity playback for all source content.


  • Amplifier designed exclusively for the Sunfire HRSIW8 in-wall subwoofer
  • 500 Watt, all-discrete Class-D switching amplifier for maximum robustness
  • DSP system equalization for perfect frequency response
  • DSP adjustable crossover with 40-160 Hz range and your choice of 12-36 dB/octave slopes
  • DSP adjustable subsonic filter adjustable from flat to 40 Hz
  • DSP adjustable phase
  • DSP soft limiter prevents any clipping at the speaker and limits to 1.5% THD
  • Two line-level XLR balanced inputs
  • Two line-level RCA unbalanced inputs
  • Five-way gold-plated speaker binding posts
  • DSP settings can be locked/unlocked
  • DSP display includes graphic volume display
  • DSP menus and settings can be scrolled through and selected by the front panel knob and IR remote control
  • Storage and recall of DSP settings
  • SUB/LFE mode control
  • Smart standby power supply that servo-controls the main amplifier power for less than a half watt draw from the household mains during standby
  • Oversized heatsink for cool operation with any music
  • Discrete analog power supply with a large toroidal transformer for best reliability and least noise.
  • Front panel and remote control adjustable volume control
  • ‘Credit Card’ Sized Remote Control with One-Button, Pre-Programmed Sound Modes
  • Five EQ mode presets to enhance all types of media
  • Night mode for reduced interference to other housemates when playing movies late into the night
  • 12V trigger for advanced home system control
  • Remote Infrared sensor jack for the custom home installer
  • Audio sense timeout is adjustable from 5-30 minutes