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2-way In-Wall LCR Speaker

Available Colours  
  • 2-way in-wall LCR speaker
  • One 6" Cinema Ribbon tweeter
  • Two 4.5" woofers
  • High back-emf design
  • SPL (max): 115dB
  • Sealed enclosure
  • Removable "acoustic lens"
  • Gold-plated binding posts
  • RRP: $1,599.00

Delivering big sound in a small package, the CRW2C features many of the benefits of the classic Cinema Ribbon Duos® but specifically designed for built-in Home Theatre applications where space limitations are a principal concern.

When the Cinema Ribbon Duos were launched a couple of years ago, they showed the world just how much audiophile-quality sound could be created from a remarkably small form factor. That remarkable product – standing just 8” tall – delivered unprecedented levels of sonic performance for a speaker in their size and class. As a result, they’ve won the accolades of the most important critics and Home Theatre devotees, like you.

Thanks to its removable "acoustic lens", the CRW-2C is perfectly suited for centre channel and LCR applications. This louvered lens keeps the ribbon's dispersion accurate whether you choose to mount them vertically or horizontally. A diminutive 6" tall Cinema Ribbon tweeter boasts unrivalled frequency response – up to 40kHz. Two of Sunfire’s legendary High Back-emf drivers provide tremendous output, while a sealed cabinet keeps things under control. Gold-plated binding posts ensure that every connection, like the audio you hear, is as pure as possible.

The Cinema Ribbon Duo In-Walls. Half the size, twice the sound. One of a kind.