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2-way Stand-Mount Speakers

Available Colours  
  • 2-way stand-mount speakers
  • One 6" Cinema Ribbon tweeter
  • Two 4.5" side-firing woofers
  • High back-emf design
  • SPL (max): 115dB
  • Sonic Hologram Imaging
  • Gold-plated binding posts
  • Ebonized Rosewood finish
  • RRP: $1,199.00

A 400 Watt, powerhouse that delivers the clarity and output of a 6-foot tall speaker, yet stands wrapped in lacquered rosewood, at about 8-inches tall.

The 8" Wonder of the World

Have you ever experienced a speaker that thinks about the physiology of your ear-brain processing system? Introducing the Cinema Ribbon Duo®.

The story of the Duo’s amazing performance is a tale of two technologies. First is Sunfires' unique and patented High Back-emf design that lets extremely loud sound take place within a very small cabinet. How loud? Well, the Duos feature a pair of our 4.5" side-firing woofers that deliver an incredible 115dB of output from the smallest cabinet in their class!

Second is Sunfires' remarkable and patented Sonic Hologram Imaging that makes significant corrections to the fundamental flaws in today’s CDs and DVDs. Incorporated into the world’s finest electronic products, the Cinema Ribbon is the first speaker ever to offer the dramatic benefits of Sonic Hologram Imaging by combining the output of the two 4.5” side-firing woofers and the sound launched directly forward by the 6” ribbon tweeter. This research in not only what we hear, but how we hear it. It “fools” our brains into hearing an enormous “sonic hologram”. As alluring as the Duos might be, we warn you - they’re not for the faint of heart.