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Environmental Outdoor Speaker

Available Colours  
Black matt
  • Environmental Outdoor Speaker
  • IP68 weather rating
  • 1x 8" cone woofer
  • 1x 1.25" Neodymium tweeter
  • Use in rain, snow, ice, particulate
  • No grilles, no openings
  • ASA marine-grade enclosure
  • Matt White, Matt Black finishes
  • RRP: $2,199.00

The most durable outdoor speaker
Stealth’s StingRay 8 environmental outdoor speaker is completely hermetically sealed and fully immune to the elements, including rain, snow, ice or particulates. There are no grills, no openings, allowing it to even operate underwater. The StingRay 8 and has an Ingress Protection rating (IEC IP rating) of IP-68, meaning it exceeds the top standard IP rating (IP-67) and has been certified for a minimum of 64 hours underwater at 1 meter depth. Its no wonder that the StingRay has become a key audio system speaker in some of the worlds most impressive Yachts.

StingRay is an 8” 2-way speaker using a hybrid of traditional and cutting-edge speaker technologies. The internal drivers are an 8” high-power cone woofer and a 30mm 25W neodymium directly coupled tweeter. Together, they energize the speaker’s unique FidelityGlasstm solid-front radiating surface to create a surprising bass response and a smooth hi-frequency output.

The impact resistant and highly durable StingRay 8 reproduces sounds from 45Hz to 18kHz, radiating all sounds equally in a near hemispherical pattern. An ASA marine-grade enclosure makes Stingray stable and fully-operable from 0 to 150F degrees. With output up to 103dB, StingRay is perfect for outdoor music, outdoor theatre, program or paging applications.