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iPod Docking Station

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  • iPod Docking Station
  • RRP: $369.00

The iPod has become an integral part of people's lives, gaining iconic status along the way. With its latest product, leading consumer electronics marque Marantz, hopes to integrate this incredible design even further.

The nifty new IS201 docking station for iPod from Marantz makes the most of the iPod experience, being the only docking station to fully integrate all iPods with any home cinema or hi-fi system, or even a PC if you wish, and is completely backwards compatible. Thanks to a raft of connections and a unique, self-generated on-screen display, the IS201 offers incredible compatibility and complete control. Astonishing ease-of-use also comes as standard with the IS201. A remote handset lets you control the device from across the room. Moreover, you can even have command of your iPod via the latest Marantz learnable system remotes. 
Note: iPod not included

The IS201 docking station has been specifically designed to expand and enhance your enjoyment of the music and video stored on your iPod, bringing music, photo and video libraries into your living room. It lets you listen to music through full size speakers and watch videos and view photo albums on your screen of choice. The IS201 docking station includes stereo phono, S-Video, RC-5, IR-Flasher input and RS-232 connections, as well as one for an external power supply which is included in the package. This means the dock can be connected to several different components at the same time. The IS201 generates it's own on-screen display which is output in S-Video to the video switching in an AV system or directly to a television. The audio is simply transferred via standard stereo phono leads and control is via it's own dedicated remote handset. As a result the IS201 is completely backwards compatible. In addition the IS201 has both an IR flasher input and output meaning it can either be controlled by, or control, an AV receiver with IR flasher capabilities. It is also controllable from a PC via an RS232 connection. When implementing the IR flasher output, the IS201 can be used as an IR repeater for use either in multi-room or hidden system set-ups as the main point of control as well as being an iPod dock