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5.1 Home Theatre Speaker System

Available Colours  
Black matt
  • 5.1 Home Theatre Speaker System
  • RRP: $1,299.00

Along with the newer generations of flat-panel TV that take up less and less space, the design of loudspeakers has also evolved. The Jamo A101 satellite speaker is shallow enough to match the slimmest new TV – only 2”/50mm deep, so can easily be placed in contemporary home decors.

The high-gloss finish of the A101 matches the aesthetics of many flat-panel TV’s available today. They only draw attention to themselves when it comes to their impressive sound.

With five identical satellite speakers and a matching slim-line active subwoofer, the Jamo A101HCS5 home theatre system will offer sound quality that is both impressive and a vast improvement over what is offered from modern TV’s. Even though compact in size, the satellites project a very impressive sound-stage with fabulous clarity and detail, ensuring enjoyment of even the most dramatic soundtrack.

With a 3”/76.2mm mid-range driver, the satellites offer high sensitivity and power handling, more than 50W power each. The active subwoofer reproduces the deep bass frequencies with ease and can be conveniently placed out of sight in the entertainment room