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6.5" In-Ceiling Speakers

Available Colours  
  • 2-way in-ceiling speaker
  • Jamo Contractor series
  • One 0.5" Mylar tweeter
  • One 6.5" Polypropylene woofer
  • Moisture-resistant materials
  • 8 ohm/70/100 V switchability
  • Suit home or commercial use
  • Paintable frame and grille
  • RRP: $349.00

The 6.5CS T is a 2-way in-ceiling speaker in the popular Contractor Series, consisting of versatile quality speakers at highly competitive prices.

The 6.5CS T offers great all-round qualities, and is the ideal choice where ever background music is desired. The paintable grille allows the 6.5CS T to blend invisibly with its surroundings. A Polypropylene woofer and Mylar tweeter make this speaker applicable for occasionally damp areas, such as garages. With 70/100 volt multi-taps and 8 ohm/70/100 V switchability, the 6.5CS-T is a versatile speaker for home or commercial use.

The 6.5CS T delivers the rich bass from polypropylene woofer, and crystal clear reproduction of high frequencies from the Mylar tweeter.

High-performance features include:

  • Moisture resistant Mylar tweeter, for use in damp areas, such as garages
  • A paintable frame and grille to blend invisibly in any room
  • Polypropylene woofer for exceptional performance at all frequencies

The 6.5CST is ideal for areas where dampness may be a factor, such as garages or basements, and is sold as a pair.