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BlueBOLT RS232

Ethernet to D9 RS232 Adaptor

Available Colours  
  • Ethernet to D9 RS232 Adaptor
  • Ethernet connectivty for sequencers
  • Control individual outlets or banks
  • Monitor devices and power status
  • Get email alerts for power events
  • Manage multiple devices in chain
  • Schedule power on/off, cycling etc
  • RS-232 with DSUB 9 Male connector
  • RRP: $599.00

Furman BB-RS232

The BB-RS232 Adaptor provides Ethernet connectivity to BlueBOLT-supported Furman Sequencing product CN-3600 that is otherwise only capable of RS-232 communication.

Once the adaptor is connected between the BlueBOLT supported product (via RS-232) and the site’s Local Area Network (via Ethernet), the product can communicate with our BlueBOLT servers.

BlueBOLT allows you to:

  • Control individual outlets or outlet banks.
  • Monitor your devices and power status.
  • Receive email alerts for power events.
  • Schedule tasks such as power on, off, cycling, and sequencing.
  • Manage multiple devices in your chain of devices.
  • Utilize device-specific features for your compatible product.