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Network Interface Card

Available Colours  
  • Network Interface Card
  • Compatible with model F1500-UPS
  • Embedded Web Page for local control
  • Control individual outlets or banks
  • Monitor devices and power status
  • Get email alerts for power events
  • Manage multiple devices in chain
  • Schedule power on/off, reboot etc
  • RRP: $599.00


The BlueBOLT-CV2 Interface Card plugs in to select Furman/Panamax products and provides access to BlueBOLT™ cloud based remote power management technology. Each BlueBOLT-CV2 card includes a unique MAC address and identification number allowing you to create a BlueBOLT account or add a compatible unit to an existing account. The BlueBOLT-CV2 includes an embedded web page for local control, embedded scheduled events and pings, increased memory for future expansion, and enhanced data encryption AES128.

BLUEBOLT-CV2 Features at a Glance:

  • Embedded Web Page for local control
  • Embedded scheduled events and pings
  • Increased memory for future expansion
  • Enhanced data encryption AES128
  • Use with Furman F1500-UPS



Product Info: BB IPCV2

Other Downloads

Owners Manual: BB IPCV2